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Solar Power is cost effective TODAY and Alternative Power Solutions can connect you with government incentives and financing assistance.
Solar provides relief from even increasing electricity rates. Take control of your energy costs NOW!

The benefits of installing solar panels as renewable energy are many (more…)

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Wind energy has been the world’s fastest-growing renewable energy source for more than a decade with an average annual growth rate of over 20% Wind energy is the least expensive of all renewable energy sources. Because the fuel (wind) is free, wind energy can provide a stable long-term price for power production. Today, wind turbines can generate electricity for less than 5 cents per kilowatt-hour in many parts of the U.S. (more…)

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Your home stays comfortable year-round while trimming your energy use by up to 80%. And now with new federal tax credits, you will save an additional 30% on the total installation. Best of all, Geothermal systems are not only a good investment, they are a cleaner choice for the environment.

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